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Specialized CRM for Real Estate

Airlist was founded in 2013 by the team at Masterkey, the acknowledged leader in the specialized field of real estate software. Our team is a unique blend of the technology and real estate professionals with skills refined over the last two decades by hands-on practice and in-depth research and development effort.

A Listing Tool and a CRM... in one software?

Try to keep track of your Clients with a content management system. Try to keep track of your Listings in a customer relationship management (CRM) software. What a mess! Airlist is that unique blend in the middle, a software that understands that real estate is both inventory control and customer relationships. It's why we've got LIST in our name.

Some All Powerful Features

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  • Instant Signup

    Isn’t it nice when you can just pop straight in and take a look. Signup instantly and get into the software to look around.

  • Get Exposed!

    We’re the best integrated platform on the market. One button Setup with pre-integration to the top portals in the region.

  • Send Listing by SMS & Email

    You define the rules. We deliver.
    Send better communications than ever before with our email and SMS designed for real estate.

  • Work With Friends

    Invite a friend to sign up with you and collaborate on listings. Grant edit access to allow them to help on your listings.

  • Keep Your Information Safe

    Secure fields that are visible only to you and unmatched security in the market.

  • Your Favorite Portals

    Save your favorite selection of property portals to allow you to post automatically to those special channels.


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