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What Can Real Estate Software Do for Your Business?

January 14, 2020

Imagine a world where you spend the majority of your time on your business rather than on routine office tasks? Not only does real estate management software help to manage properties and listings, but it’s also designed to effortlessly perform routine operational tasks. 

Regardless of your location, whether you’re working on-the-go or in an office, real estate software is built to support real estate agents and brokers. Let’s take a look at the many benefits of real estate software and explore how they can benefit your business.


Mobility & Scalability

Like many other business sectors, cloud-based storage is essential for real estate agents. Agents who leverage the power of innovative cloud technologies experience the freedom that comes with the flexibility to access their data from any location in the world. Whether it’s from your office computer or your mobile device while you’re on-the-go, real estate software allows you to complete tasks and respond to your customers’ needs quickly. 

Additionally, your cloud-based technologies can be scaled to meet the needs of your business as your agency evolves and expands. The ability to scale is not only helpful for managing the paperwork associated with multiple properties but scalability also makes it possible to add space for additional employees, suppliers, and more.


Effortless Maintenance Management

Does your agency manage properties? Real estate software allows you to instantly manage your properties without having to answer phone calls and emails. Simply log in to your user portal and manage all of your maintenance requests from any device with internet access.

In particular, real estate management software enables managers to receive and acknowledge maintenance requests online 24/7. Additionally, you can establish guidelines for emergency requests, allowing you to respond to non-emergent requests during your normal business hours. 


Centralised Documentation

Gone are the days of coming through files or searching through a disorganised system to access the information you need. Innovative software solutions allow you to store all of your data and documentation in an easy to navigate dashboard. In streamlining your processes, you can comply with regulatory requirements in a timely manner and accelerate your deals. Additionally, centralizing access to all your documentation protects your files from becoming lost or misplaced.


Automated Task Reminders

Any realtor that has closed more than one deal knows the pain of filling out the same forms over and over again. Repetitive tasks can consume a considerable amount of your time. Not to mention, it can significantly reduce productivity. Property management software can be customised to automate numerous office processes, to include invoice reminders, welcome emails, late fee reminders, lease renewals, and much more.


Faster Payment Collection

Easy mobile access and automated reminders translate to more timely payments from your clients. Additionally, real estate software provides tenants with the ability to set-up auto-pay. For those who prefer to handle payments manually, they will have the choice to pay invoices by credit card or ACH bank draft with a few strokes of the keyboard. On the agent side of things, real estate software expedites transfers into your account, automatically records payments, and much more. 


Airlist Real Estate Property Management Software

Designed to enhance communication within your entire network, Airlist’s innovative real estate software platforms offer users many advantages and benefits, to include enhanced security, faster transactions, and enhanced mobility. Specialised CRM for real estate, our solutions are easy to use and integrate into your current operations. Best of all there are no binding contracts and no hidden fees.


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