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About Us

Digitally Connecting Every Real Estate Professional Around the Globe

We debated, we refined, we tweaked, but in the end we compacted our vision into one sentence.

Our Story

Airlist was founded in 2013 and is the acknowledged leader in the field of property management systems. Our speciality is the over of the software and property professions and our skills have been refined over the three decades of hands-on property experience, on-going research and software development efforts. Our goal is:

To digitally connect every real estate professional around the globe

Our Values

We believe real estate can be made simple, easy and fair.

The Empowering Company

To make you better at being you. No matter how new or old you are to real estate, no matter what knowledge you possess, we are here to give you the right tool for what you need.

The Forever Company

To keep your real estate information forever, your listings, your leads, your contacts. Yours to access forever, no matter when or where you need it.

The Everywhere Company

To make sense of real estate information everywhere in the world. No matter how big or small your market, no matter how organized you are, you can rely on us to manage your information.

The Crowdsourced Company

To organize and make searchable the collective knowledge of the global real estate industry. We make the information searchable, indexable and useful to you.

The Airlist Crew

More than 17 years experience in the UAE market.

atif bashir airlist director of software development

Atif Bashir

Director of Software Development